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BAKERSFIELD — Accelerator Workshop

BAKERSFIELD — Accelerator Workshop

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Practicing the Human Touch

Essential Skills for Success in 2024

Located at Brooks Brothers Interior Design

We end at 8pm.

In the ever-evolving business landscape of 2024, practicing the art of human exchange is vital for success. Our  workshop focuses on "Soft Skills and the Human Touch," a leading trend highlighted by renowned futurist Bernard Marr in Forbes Magazine.

Soft Skills and the Human Touch: As automation advances, successful human interactions become a vital differentiator. For this reason, in 2024, we will see professionals and organizations increasing their investment in training and upskilling attributes such as emotional intelligence, communication, negotiation, interpersonal problem-solving, high-level strategy, and emerging leadership.

Join us to practice the skills that will set you apart. Explore real-world scenarios and practical strategies for nurturing and applying these skills in your professional journey. Gain insights into why organizations are investing in this critical differentiator. Develop these attributes and learn how to adapt to this transformative shift in the business landscape.

Join us for an immersive practical experience that will elevate your profession and equip you to thrive in a world where the human touch remains irreplaceable. This workshop will help you cultivate the essential people skills needed to excel in 2024 and beyond. 

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