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Focus Lecture: Generations and Personality

Focus Lecture: Generations and Personality

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Ever wondered why Baby Boomers have such different worldviews from Millennials? Or why Gen Z's seem to navigate technology seamlessly while others might struggle? 

There may be more to personality as Influential U teaches it. Does an Inventor/Boomer have the same values and aims as an Inventor/Gen Z? Would a Millennial/Producer engage in activity as a Gen Y/Producer would?

In this webinar, we’ll explore how different personalities might interact and shape workplace dynamics, family bonds, and societal structures across various generations. We'll be exploring the latest narratives about generational differences, equipping you with knowledge to enhance your interpersonal relationships and professional endeavors.

Be part of the conversation on how to bridge generational gaps, foster understanding, and leverage the strengths of each personality and generation.

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