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Half-Day Team Workshop

Half-Day Team Workshop

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There is an “X-Factor,” and it’s not what you think. It is not about bolstered confidence, repeated affirmations, or walking on hot coals. It’s not about the right idea, an ancient secret, or a stroke of luck. To hell with luck! It is NOT taught in business school, yet it is knowledge that must be learned. It is a skill that must be practiced. Those who have it are wholly satisfied. Those that don’t, struggle.

In our powerful half-day workshop you will be introduced to a framework to fast-track your influence, results, and satisfaction. Our practical training will help you face behaviors, practices, and naiveté preventing you from satisfying your health, career, and financial aims. You will learn realistic strategies to break down barriers and begin to see a plausible pathway for whole-life satisfaction.

Learn to transact, powerfully.

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