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10 Essential Trends Transforming Small Business

10 Essential Trends Transforming Small Business

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22 August 2024 | 4:00 - 5:30 PM Pacific Time

Join our engaging webinar to explore the top 10 trends and challenges facing small business owners today. Our expert panel will provide insights to keep you ahead of the curve and drive your business success. Influential U emphasizes the necessity of understanding market narratives, or "The Current," to avoid getting swept away and to foster innovation.

Explore the crucial areas shaping the small business landscape. 

Discover must-know topics to level up your small business: Learn how integrating sustainability can attract eco-conscious customers and benefit the environment, and explore the growing role of generative AI in boosting productivity and customer engagement. We'll share strategies to maintain productivity and morale in remote or hybrid work settings and guide you in leveraging micro-influencer marketing to maximize ROI. Prioritizing employee mental health and implementing robust cybersecurity measures are critical, and we'll provide insights on both. Understand how user-generated content enhances brand authenticity, the transformative potential of Google SGE on search engine optimization, and the implications of pay transparency. Finally, unlock the power of TikTok for effective small business marketing and reaching a broader audience.

Why Attend?

Gain expert advice from industry leaders, network with peers, and stay ahead of business trends. Our interactive Q&A lets you get answers directly from the panel. Elevate your business by learning the top 10 topics shaping small business success. Register now to thrive in today's competitive landscape and join a community focused on innovation, growth, and success. 

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